Why Selenium Grid Is Ideal For Automated Browser Testing?

What is Selenium?

  1. Selenium RC
  2. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  3. Selenium Grid
  4. Selenium WebDriver

Why is Selenium Grid Used?

Advantages of Using Selenium Grid for Automated Browser Testing

1. Extensive Language Support

2. Dedicated Framework Support

3. Multi-Browser Support

4. Multi-Operating System Support

5. Free and Open-Source

6. Parallel Test Execution (Local and Cloud-Based)

7. Powerful Reporting For Test Progress Tracking

8. Integration With CI/CD Pipeline

  • Better utilization of the resources in-hand i.e. testers, test infrastructure, etc.
  • Faster bug closure
  • Consistency in planning & execution stages of testing

Android & iOS Mobile Apps Testing

10. Code Reusability For Improved Maintenance

11. Vibrant Developer & Support Community

12. Keyboard & Mouse Simulation

13. Timely Product Updates

14. Optimum Hardware Usage

15. Automation of Browser Interactions

16. No External Server Requirement

17. Cloud-Based Selenium Test Automation




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